Tuesday, September 6, 2011

waiting for your return.

waiting for your return.

are you ever coming home?

- Hello Alone by Anberlin


This was taken last Tuesday, on mine and Yona's unforgettable adventure ;) I still need to blog about that day. Crazy. I will.

I didn't get the chance to shoot today, so I edited this instead. I'm sure you guys won't mind. I won't miss a day of uploading, even if i post an old picture.

I don't like that the exif data changes when you process a picture in photoshop. At least i think it does. . .? the date and time it says I took this is actually when I edited it.

Seaside, Oregon. Way too early in the morning. Especially when you've been driving for 4 hours after pulling an all nighter.

Yes, we were foolish.
No, we will never, ever do it again.
Yes, we will always remember how we celebrated my 18th birthday.
No, we will never regret it. Well, not really.

I have lots more from this day to upload. Just a heads up.


  1. *tackles*
    Lula! You've probably forgotten all about me. :-D I hope you're having a lovely New Year (such as it is, just 20 hours into it) and that you're doing well. Lovely blog!

  2. Hi Lula, discovered your blog and flickr and very impressed with the quality of your photographs. Such beauty...
    Greetings from South Africa
    Henk Blignault